Addiction Resources

Maybe you or a loved one struggles with an addiction. There are numerous types of addiction, but many of them can be traced back to pain in the past. Dealing with this pain is necessary, painstaking, and is time consuming. There are alot of resources for this well studied area of humanity, after all, we have been addicts from the inception of the world.

Here are some resources for your perusal.

Online Recovery

Recognizing the signs of substance abuse and addiction.

Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment – Outpatient Treatment saved my life and put me on a different trajectory. This may be something for you to consider. You can also contact your local hospital for resources in recovery.

Psychology Today – This is a great resource for those that struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or family members that want to learn more about what their loved ones are going through.

Resource Links – Gives alot of different ideas and help in recovery.