A little bit about…

I was a Pastor for awhile. I made it my profession, to help others through turmoil, grief, pain, and to point them to a God that I was ‘professionally’ serving. That led me to a place of my own choosing. A place of deep depression. A place of deep pain. A place of hallucination and fighting my own demons.

But this I know. There is hope at the end of a long tunnel. There is hope for those that are down and out and have experienced the bottom. There is hope for those that have felt hopeless for a long time. There is hope, for you, if you seek help.

Let me try and describe my tribe. We are creatures of habit. Drawn to things that make us feel better or different. We are deeply disturbed at the very core of our being, which manifests itself in depression, anxiety, fear, and isolation. We are survivors, but often don’t thrive. We are a people that is forgotten and often ignored. Society relegates us to the shadows and we are often made out to be horrible in our actions. We are addicts. We are human.

If you or someone you know is an addict, there’s hope. I know. I’ve experienced it. I’m experiencing it. I hope to experience more of it. It’s good to be alive, and live to see another day.

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